Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm a Free Woman...well kind of

Well there is a reason why this post is late....and actually it really isn't that late. Ashley and Cole started school 2 weeks ago and David just started last week SO I wanted to post all the pictures you believe that? All the kids were excited to start school the first day. Some have changed their minds since then (Cole), but for the most part everything seems to be running smoothly. (Do you believe that either?) They all like their teachers and have made some fun new friends. Cole even sits next to a girl that likes Star Wars so that was a big score for him!
With David in preschool, I just have Lindsey on Tues and Thur. Even though last week was just the first week of that happening, its been a nice change. She is definatley working her way nicley into the terrible twos and screams her demands whenever she feels necessary. I think I fed her cheetos and m&m's for lunch on Thursday just so she would give it a rest! She is really sweet though, and it has been fun to see her little personality emerge more and more. Thats about it for now, check back to see their end of the year class parties....hopefully I will get at least one post in before then :)
p.s. I am not sure why Adam chose to take their pictures in front of a shrub that totally is overgrown.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Almost the First Day of School!!

Well, well, well......I am not even going to address my lack of blogging skills. I am going to continue on like I have posted everday. Thanks for all the funny comments. I even stopped checking my blog because I was so embarrassed, thats why I haven't even commented back.
Anyways, its hard to believe that summer has come to an end. I have so many fun pictures that I would like to post, but I think I will wait until I can figure out the slide show option. So to celebrate the end of summer ( not that I'm celebrating), our school has a welcome walk where you meet your teacher for the first time when them come knocking at your door on a designated night. It's hard to believe that we would be waiting for 2 teachers this year! Ashley and Cole were both excited...but David was a little ticked that no one was coming to meet him. We made cookies to help pass the time until they came, and of course to suck up to the teachers. Both kids teachers are really nice and Cole even got a good friend in his class. The next night we got to go check out their classrooms and put away their supplies. Adam unfortunatley was unable to come, so it was especially fun with all 4 kids by myself. Luckily Ashley's teacher handed out candy that Lindsey screamed the whole time for while Ashley and I labeled about 50 school supplies! It was fun to get to have a little preview of the upcoming school year and Ashley and Cole are excited (at least for now, we'll see when 6:30 rolls around for them to get up)

David was feeling a little left out that no one was coming to meet him

Ashley and Cole ready to meet their new teachers

Checking out her new classroom
Cole unloading his school supplies
Cole' s new classroom

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm a Dork!

I was trying to post picutes in the wrong layout, that's why it was not working. This is much easier. My sister Emily helped me figure it out. Thanks Em!

A Good Excuse

I know that most of you who were checking my blog have probably now stopped. I am sure that my mom is the only one still checking, but only out of duty as my mother. (Thanks mom!) Well I wish that I could say that my time as been taken up with so many new and exciting things that I just haven't had time! (Dang it) But, needless to say, it has been chaos as usual. Someone got the bright idea to buy a smaller version of a leggo star wars ship to build. Its cheaper and because its smaller, it would be faster to build. Those all were true, and I in fact was the one that finally built the stinkin thing because I could not handle David asking every 3 minutes when daddy was coming home. I think this was Adam's plan all along. I forgot that leggo ships, especially those are really only meant to be looked at than played with. And for David who gets ticked off when even the slightest thing goes wrong, like screaming "I hate you" to the button on his pants because he cant get his pants buttoned. You can only imagine his rage when the ship was literally breaking every 5 minutes. So instead of blogging, I was putting together a star wars ship for the 30th time while trying to calm down the insanity of a four year old. AND because I built it, I was the only one that could fix it ( Thanks Adam) I wish I had a picture to post of the final product, but it has been broken into pieces, not by david but by me! I guess the picture would be of me sobbing as I rebuild that dang thing again!

My second lame and valid excuse was that I have been TRYING to read Breaking Dawn and catch up on my sleep. On Friday I went with some friends to the midnight release of this last book in Stephanie Myer's series. Though there were other adults there, we definitely were outnumbered by teenage girls wishing to be a vampire. Needless to say, I wasn't bored waiting until midnight because of the "interesting" people I was able to watch as we waited. At midnight we screamed with delight. Just kidding, We walked down stairs and got our books and headed to an all night reading party. It was a lot of fun. We did not make it the entire night, but I guess I am cool again because I stayed out until 2:30. I still haven't even finished the book yet!!
I am going to try and post the picture of the kids again. I have lots of pictures from our trip this summer so I hope to at least post pictures of that. I think I am going to post more pictures than write so all my far away friends and family can remember us :)