Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm a Free Woman...well kind of

Well there is a reason why this post is late....and actually it really isn't that late. Ashley and Cole started school 2 weeks ago and David just started last week SO I wanted to post all the pictures you believe that? All the kids were excited to start school the first day. Some have changed their minds since then (Cole), but for the most part everything seems to be running smoothly. (Do you believe that either?) They all like their teachers and have made some fun new friends. Cole even sits next to a girl that likes Star Wars so that was a big score for him!
With David in preschool, I just have Lindsey on Tues and Thur. Even though last week was just the first week of that happening, its been a nice change. She is definatley working her way nicley into the terrible twos and screams her demands whenever she feels necessary. I think I fed her cheetos and m&m's for lunch on Thursday just so she would give it a rest! She is really sweet though, and it has been fun to see her little personality emerge more and more. Thats about it for now, check back to see their end of the year class parties....hopefully I will get at least one post in before then :)
p.s. I am not sure why Adam chose to take their pictures in front of a shrub that totally is overgrown.