Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A New Post...Good Bye Flat Stanley

I an effort to save poor Flat Stanley's life, I am actually going to write a new post. Dear Stanley is being threatened and I just can't take it anymore. SO here it is, new pictures so you don't have to look at Flat Stanley's grinning face everytime you check my blog. ( For those of you who even check my blog, I think there are about 2 of you left.....we all know I definitely am not a blogger.)
Anyways, we had our pictures taken right before thanksgiving by an awesome photographer in our ward. I haven't posted the pictures yet because I wasn't sure which one I was going to use on a Christmas card and I wanted it to be a suprise when you all got it. So I finally picked one, and here are some that I didn't use. She did such a wonderful job. Taking pictures of four kids, especially mine, was definitely not easy. Thanks Gina!
There you have it, and Flat Stanley is no more. But ya never know, he just might pop up some where when you're least expecting it. After all he is flat, and he is a bit annoyed...