Friday, October 3, 2008

Normal Life

Ashley realizing that Halloween is another 40 days away

David got tired of waiting ......
and waiting for his turn to play

David with his best bud Josh after preschool

Well we have definately settled in to the routine of school. Cole tried to escape from kindergarten only one time. He is doing a lot better and my easiest child to get ready for school. He doesnt care what he wears and his hair takes 2 seconds to do. Ashley and David are also enjoying school, and their issues with clothes and hair (especially David) have me frazzled some mornings, but they make it to school in one piece. The hours and hours of extra free time I thought I was going to have only having one child with me 2 days a week has somehow never appeared. I think my house is actually messier and more cluttered now than it was during the summer. I guess maybe I am catching up on lost time and wandering around Target for far too many hours. They knew me by name there, at all 4 locations I frequent and occassionally ask me to stock shelves. Thank goodness for their sweet return policy. I just dump the 49 things on the counter I don't want, keep the ONE thing I do want, give them my debit card to issue my return, and then start the vicious cycle all over again.

So thats my life in a nut shell right now, send kids to school and go to Target.

Kidding, kidding, but some days I feel like thats what it consists of. I am trying to better manage my time and not feel like I need to get a Target fix to complete my day. ( And they really dont know my name there, at lease I hope they don't):)

About a month ago I was called to be a beehive advisor in the young womens program. I was a little nervous at first because I have not been in young womens since I turned 18 and left for college. It has been a great experience so far and I have managed to teach 2 lessons without passing out before giving them! All the girls have been so welcoming to me.

I am anxious for the weather to start cooling off. I think that will happen here eventually. I put our Halloween decorations 2 weeks ago. The kids got all excited and thought trick or treating was just around the cornor and I had to break the news that they still had about 40 days. They were a bit devastated.

Anyways, I am posting some random pictures of the kids to go with my random thoughts.
This is a video of Lindsey just talking. Adam thought I was about to take a picture thats why he suddenly stops smiling. Lindsey is just at that the age where anythig she says sounds cute. Her favorite thing to say is 'scary" when she sees halloween stuff, and "oh man" that swiper says on Dora.