Sunday, August 24, 2008

Almost the First Day of School!!

Well, well, well......I am not even going to address my lack of blogging skills. I am going to continue on like I have posted everday. Thanks for all the funny comments. I even stopped checking my blog because I was so embarrassed, thats why I haven't even commented back.
Anyways, its hard to believe that summer has come to an end. I have so many fun pictures that I would like to post, but I think I will wait until I can figure out the slide show option. So to celebrate the end of summer ( not that I'm celebrating), our school has a welcome walk where you meet your teacher for the first time when them come knocking at your door on a designated night. It's hard to believe that we would be waiting for 2 teachers this year! Ashley and Cole were both excited...but David was a little ticked that no one was coming to meet him. We made cookies to help pass the time until they came, and of course to suck up to the teachers. Both kids teachers are really nice and Cole even got a good friend in his class. The next night we got to go check out their classrooms and put away their supplies. Adam unfortunatley was unable to come, so it was especially fun with all 4 kids by myself. Luckily Ashley's teacher handed out candy that Lindsey screamed the whole time for while Ashley and I labeled about 50 school supplies! It was fun to get to have a little preview of the upcoming school year and Ashley and Cole are excited (at least for now, we'll see when 6:30 rolls around for them to get up)

David was feeling a little left out that no one was coming to meet him

Ashley and Cole ready to meet their new teachers

Checking out her new classroom
Cole unloading his school supplies
Cole' s new classroom